Surgical Exposure


   Many times, a permanent tooth will not come through the gum normally and will be “trapped” or “stuck” completely or partially under the gum. This is very common for wisdom teeth, and they are usually surgically removed to avoid complications such as pain or infection.


   Before performing a surgical exposure, a consultation is necessary to perform a dental exam and to evaluate any available x-rays. If the impacted/unerupted tooth is in an abnormal position that may complicate the surgery, or could involve any increased risk of damage to the adjacent teeth, then further scans are performed in our office to evaluate the position of the tooth 3-dimensionally.


  Periodontal surgery can be performed to expose the crown of the tooth. From there, a bracket is bonded to the tooth. The tooth can then be orthodontically maneuvered back into its correct position in the dental arch. This surgery is a form of crown lengthening.